How to estimate costing?



Desired design of the product you require. This doesn’t have to be from our website gallery. Show us what you like, picture, scan from magazine etc…….
If from our website just right click and send back to and give us more relevant information.



Rough dimensions of:
Gates: swing gate or sliding driveway gate
Security gate at front door/passage/dog fence.
Balustrades: indication of how many metres are angled (up stair case) and the number of metres flat section (on landing areas).
Pool fence/perimeter fence: how many gates. Pacing it out would be sufficient. We only need to know whether you need 5,15,30 or 100m for instance.
Garden accessories: width of arches (if not standard), dimensions of screens, diameter of Domes (if not standard) etc…



Area where gate will be installed, pictures of passage, staircase, area in garden etc.
We typically look at aspects like floors, walls, lintels, means of attachment etc…
With the above information estimated costing can be calculated and precious time saved.

If satisfied with the estimated costing please let us know when you want us to come out to measure/discuss. With this done a written quotation will follow within 24 hours